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McGhee, Betty    9/28/2015    
Dereberry, Margie Bernadette   9/25/2015    
Jones, Casey Lavon   9/22/2015    
Northcutt, Ralph Lee   9/9/2015    
Butler, Laura M.   9/8/2015    
Duncan, Robert Wayne   9/8/2015    
Wells, Keros Robert   9/8/2015    
Gurczewski, Ronald Anthony   9/7/2015    
Mohns, Mona Jane   9/4/2015    
Sweeney, David Michael   8/30/2015    
Dorman, Richard Allen   8/26/2015    
Arndt, William George   8/25/2015    
Moore, John Henry   8/25/2015    
Riggs, Billy Wayne   8/24/2015    
Hagler, Billy Watson   8/23/2015    
Richardson, Angela Christine   8/22/2015    
Fleet, Lillian Eva   8/15/2015    
Griffin, Rubin Clyde   8/14/2015    
Draughon Jr, Harold Clifford   8/1/2015    
Moore Jr., Reed    7/30/2015    
Wilkinson, Archie H.   7/12/2015    
Garland, Joan Barbara   7/3/2015    
Ash, James Randal   6/25/2015    
Glenn, Wilburn F.   6/23/2015    
Rogers, Kristina Lynn   6/20/2015    

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